<i>Waratah</i>, 1902 Steam Tug


1902 Steam Tug

Sydney Heritage Fleet’s 1902 Steam Tug Waratah allows you to forget the noise of jet propulsion and encourages you to relax as you enjoy the surroundings of wonderful Sydney Harbour.

The gentle phut phut of the steam engine does not interrupt your conversation as you journey around the Sydney Harbour and Lane Cove River. A trip on Waratah allows you to experience the power of steam; you can watch the engine turning and talk to the engineers who are happy to explain the principles of the James Watt invention to you.

There are many opportunities for you to travel on board one of the oldest working steam tugs in the world. As the planes fly overhead your can quietly reflect on the progress made in transportation from the time of the first steam engine in 1775 to the present day.

Waratah, 1902 Steam Tug
Waratah, 1902 Steam Tug
Waratah, 1902 Steam Tug
Steam Tug Waratah on Sydney Harbour