Berrima, 1955 Motor Launch

1955 Motor Launch

Berrima, is the Fleet’s general work boat, she is used to transfer men and materials to the Fleet’s vessels as required around Sydney Harbour. She is now a regular sight on Sydney Harbour but she was built at La Perouse for the Australian Oil Refinery Ltd. (Caltex Oil Refinery) and was once a regular sight on Botany Bay. She was launched as A.O.R.1 in 1955. Workers at the refinery would travel by tram to the end of the route at La Perouse and then travel on Berrima (A.O.R.1) to the refinery.

Motor launch Berrima
Motor launch Berrima
Berrima, 1955 Motor Launch, on Sydney Harbour
Berrima on Sydney Harbour