Rowing and Motor Boats

Rowing and Motor Boats

Blinky Bill, 14 ft steam launch

Blinky Bill was built at Huskisson, NSW, it is thought in the 1960s. She reputedly originally had a small put-put petrol engine in her plywood hull.

She was later removed to Young, NSW, where the present small steam engine and boiler were built and installed. In about 1982 the boiler and engine were extensively modified, and reversing gear fitted. The boat also then gained a double skin funnel, and a canopy.  Her name was later changed to Mosman.

Nell, restored Queensland Maple clinker built four-oared rowboat

Built by Bill Fisher of La Perouse in 1922. Nell was initially built as a retirement gift for Inspector J Milne and presented to him by a number of colleagues upon retirement in 1922. Nell was named after Inspector Milne‚Äôs daugther.

Nell, restored Queensland maple clinker built four-oared rowboat with Spotted Gum ribs

She remained at the Milne boatshed at Blakehurst on the Georges River until the 1980s. She was then later refurbished by the Apprentices at Cockatoo Dock in 1988. (Supervised by George McGoogan). Nell is typical of the broad beamed sturdy knockabout rowboats coming into fashion in the 1920s and 30s. She is a good example of the Fisher boat building business.

Nell was donated to the Sydney Heritage Fleet as a Bicentennial project in 1988 by the Apprentices of Cockatoo Dock.

Construction: Clinker built with grown knees and breast hook.

Materials: Hull Queensland Maple, keel Spotted Gum, Ti Tree knees, copper fastening.

Rigging: Previously carried sails. Mast step and centre board case were removed in 1988. Propulsion: 2 rowing positions.

Length:  4.280m (14ft)
Beam:  1.525m (5ft)
Depth:  0.510m (1ft 8in)